How to get likes using Igtools

Many people use tolls for their Instagram accounts to increase their social influence. This method is quite simple and suitable for gaining followers on IG. One of the most famous tools for followers is

This article will provide a helpful guide on Igtools and alternate options.

9 IG tools overview

The following are the nine essential Ig tools with basic features.

IG Tools Devices Service Real Users Rate
Followers Gallery Android, website, ios Likes & Followers Yes 4.9
InstaBox ios Likes & Followers Yes 4.7
InsBottle ios Likes & Followers Yes 4.7 website Followers, comments, likes, views No 4.3
Getinsta Android, website, ios Likes & Followers Yes 4.8
InsReport+ ios Followers, comments, likes, views Yes 4.8 Website Followers, comments, likes, views No 4.3

Confused about which one to use? The first step is to find which one supports your device and then judge them by what they will offer you and the ratings. Still confused? Don’t worry, read this article till the end and you will know which one is best for you.

Igtools – How to get Likes

Igtools for like is given below in detail. Here, Igtools pros and cons are discussed. We will also discuss steps on how to use them. helps in growing your Instagram likes instantly for free. But this igtools does not work anymore as it was permanently closed a few months ago. Information related to this igtools apk for the future in case it returns.

To get igtools followers-

Step 1- Go to the website.

Step 2- Click on the profile picture

Step 3- Log in with your Instagram.

Step 4- Add the username where you want to add followers.

Step 5- Calculate your credits and count the number of followers you want. Soon this igtool will add the followers to that username.

Pros: This igtool has multiple services.

Cons: Lots of steps to get followers. No android/ios apps. Your IG can get banned for using this igtools apk.

Followers Gallery

This igtools is quite reliable and completely safe. Its igtool apk is available on Android and iOS with multiple payment options.

Steps to use this igtools apk

Step 1- Download it and register your email.

Step 2- Log in and add your IG username.

Step 3- Get likes and followers with these igtool coins.


  • This igtools is 100% free. Even though you can buy likes and followers directly, you can get unlimited likes with this igtools apk.
  • This igtool provides all real followers for your IG.
  • It has the most secure system for all its users.


  • No version available for Mac OS.


This is a good igtools which also provides real and active followers for your IG. This igtool supports Android, Windows and iOS. One speciality about these igtools is that there are no bots, ads, or human verification. This igtool apk is safe and convenient.


  • Available in Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Free and Unlimited
  • Real followers


  • No earning coin feature in its version.


It is an alternative. This igtools guarantees that all its users are legit, real and active. The speed at which it delivers your likes is calculated carefully, ensuring the organic growth of your Instagram account.


  • Quality IG likes and followers.
  • Fast And organic delivery.
  • Safe


  • Currently only available in iOS.


This is one of the best igtools available out there. InsReport+ provides not only unlimited IG likes but also IG auto-likes. The auto-like feature will automatically add likes to your posts. Simply turn it on and set the desired amount of likes you want in your everyday posts.


  • Unlimited IG likes
  • Detailed IG Analysis
  • Real likes


  • Available for iOS devices only.


This one is a free igtools to gain followers and likes. It is only available on iOS. Liking other users will provide coins to gain followers and likes.


  • Free and Unlimited
  • Organic and fast delivery
  • Active users


  • Only for iOS.


It is the best igtools for likes, and it’s free. This igtools apk is safe and does not require any login.


  • Available in iOS for free.
  • Igtool like doesn’t need any login.
  • Free followers and likes.


  • Only available on iOS.

This igtool will let you buy likes, comments, followers and views


  • No app needed
  • 50 free likes


  • Less active users.
  • No app.


Igtools have always played an essential role in IG life. There are many pros and cons of Igtools apk. Now you can decide which is best for you and available on your desired platform. Be careful while using igtools. It’s better to use paid igtools apk as they are safer and more legit. So make your choice carefully.

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