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Which Macallan Whisky Is Finest for Presents?


Macallan made one of the costliest bottles of scotch bourbon ever marketed. The year was 2019, and the bottle of The Macallan Penalty and Rare 60-Year-Old Scotch sold for $1.9 million.

Any scotch enthusiast understands that the Macallan 1-6 is the gold standard for Scotch. The Macallan distillery in Scotland has been marketing Scotch for years. And The Macallan is just one of the top-selling scotch brand names worldwide.

Yet, picking out the right Macallan scotch gifts for your favorite whisky alcohol consumption can be a significant migraine. There is the core array to consider, which contends the very least 18 various editions. Then, there are the restricted releases.

The Macallan Core Variety

The Macallan Core range consists of all the brand name’s successful scotch whisky. They market these items year-round, and you can avoid them running out or increasing in resale cost as you would certainly with a minimal launch.

We wish to note that The Master Decanter Series from The Macallan belongs to the core variety. However, because these Scotch bourbons come inside Lalique crystal decanters, they are outside most peoples’ price array. So, we will certainly not be discussing this line below.

Initially, The Macallan distillery solely used oak sherry barrels to age their items. Today, the line has expanded to consist of scotch whisky matured in bourbon oak casks in addition to the initial sherry oak.

The Macallan scotch bourbons aged in sherry oak barrels are:

The Macallan 12 year

The Macallan 18 year

The Macallan 25 year

The Macallan 30 years

The Macallan 40 year

Except for the 12-year and the 40-year, all of these Scotch bourbons have an ABV of 43%. The 12-year has a slightly reduced ABV of 40%– 42%, while the 40-year has a slightly higher ABV of 44%– 45%.

The sherry oak variety is a wonderful present for scotch lovers. The sherry oak barrel imparts a unique taste profile to the Scotch, which will stun and thrill the most experienced whisky enthusiasts.

Double Cask

The double cask line uses a few of The Macallan’s even more budget-friendly scotch options. The factor for this lower price is that the distillery ages these scotches right into two different sorts of barrels, which are much less costly. If you want more information to click here Macallan box set.

The two sorts of casks include American as well as Spanish sherry oak. American sherry oak casks are much less expensive than Spanish and European ones, implying a lower-priced item.

Like the standard Macallan bourbons, the dual barrel line is available in numerous ages, including:


The Macallan 12 dual cask

The Macallan 15 dual cask

The Macallan 18 dual cask

Besides the gold variation, all of these bourbons have an ABV of 43%. The gold version has a lower ABV of only 40%.

The taste profile leans more toward honey, ginger, and citrus. The acquainted Spanish sherry oak flavors are also existing, though at a much subtler level.

The taste of The Macallan double barrel is much more familiar to the typical scotch enthusiast, making this the best entry point for Macallan beginners. Newbie scotch enthusiasts would certainly additionally appreciate the double barrel line.

Three-way Barrel Matured

In 2004, The Macallan distilleries launched a new line of scotch bourbons. These items had a unique marketing factor: Macallan ages the scotch bourbons in Spanish and American sherry oak. They finish off the triple-cask process with standard bourbon oak caskets.

Macallan has given renamed the series to the Three-way Barrel Matured line. Again, because these Scotch bourbons age in different barrels, they can be found at a slightly reduced cost than the original sherry oak line.

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