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The Infant Food Discussion: The Benefits of Homemade Baby Food Over The Jars


Americans have long relied on jarred baby foods for hassle-free feeding. In the past couple of years increasingly more processed food options have gotten in the kids’s food market. The large brands have expanded into pre-packaged “kid dishes” and “college lunches” done in the name helpful busy parents who need things to be rapid and also convenient. Also for those moms and dads with the most effective initiative as well as objective, there may be times when you just can not make or safely load your very own food. Among my customers had actually offered her eight-month-old homemade, organic infant food from his initial bite. Nevertheless while traveling with her kid to England; she brought a couple of containers of food “simply in case” she lacked fresh products on the flight. Here are some pointers for getting readily shaken foods, when you remain in a pinch.

Advantages of Homemade

Infants typically triple their weight during their very first year. If they are what they consume, this is the most crucial time to provide the best. You may not be able to give your child fresh, homemade foods everyday, yet right here are the benefits for you and your youngster when you do make the effort.

A lot more nourishing

Homemade food is a lot more nourishing than commercially prepared infant foods because it keeps more of the nutrients, particularly vitamin An as well as B. This is since the food is less processed. The jarring procedure demands making use of very high warm under pressure. A lot more than you can create when cooking in the house. Regrettably, lots of vitamins are destroyed by heat.

Several of the infant food on the marketplace has additives and also thickening representatives including cornstarch, flour, chemically customized starches or “tapioca” (corn syrup, starch). This implies your infant is obtaining less fruit and vegetables and also more “filler”. Consumers are also getting much less nourishment as well as worth for your money.

More Control

By making your own food, you’ll understand specifically what your child is consuming. You can check their diet plan, as well as know which vitamins as well as nutrients are doing not have. A research by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2002, reported that over 40% of youngsters’s calories come from quick and processed foods. Spend your time making your very own food, rather than analysis and also de-coding labels on processed foods.

No Chemicals or Chemicals

Your food will not have anything added, that you didn’t put there. You’re not trying to preserve service life or disguise any one of the components in your food. Preservatives consist of partially hydrogenated oils or trans-fats, which are connected to diabetes, cancer and also heart disease.


While occasionally convenient, a large downside of commercial infant food is that it births little relationship to the real food. Fresh, seasonal food simply tastes far better. You probably have not consumed child food given that you were a baby – due to the fact that you do not want or need to. If feeding home made child food, your youngster will appreciate real foods from their first bite. These will certainly be the flavors and food things that they will certainly remain to appreciate as they expand. Jarred infant food is not readily available in every fruit and vegetable, nor is it seasonal. You might miss the possibility to present fruit and vegetable options, which you desire your child to consume later with the remainder of the family. Some children get utilized to bland, smooth, jarred foods and also have trouble being reintroduced to the same actual foods as well as structures later on.

Less Waste

Making food provides you control over quantity, taste, texture as well as cost. You will certainly not have to get rid of partially eaten jars of food. Instead you can cook what you know your infant will eat, extend the life of your homemade food in the fridge freezer, or consume your youngster’s food on your own.

Create variety from a solitary, whole food thing. When making baked sweet potatoes you can picked to puree some, cut pieces right into soft portions, and also leave the rest whole. Due to the fact that your homemade purees are made with whole foods, the leftovers can be made into soups, side dishes as well as sauces for the remainder of the family. You may doubt that since you’ve never ever taken into consideration making a tasty soup from a jar of infant food. Nonetheless lots of preferred lotion soups obtain their start from modest, fresh purees.

Less Expense

The price for making your own infant food is typically less than acquiring commercially ready infant foods, if you go shopping wise and also cook in larger quantities. For example a four ounce jar of child food ranges in price from.60 – $1.20 each, relying on brand as well as location bought. However when making your own baby food, and following our tips for producing benefit as well as purchasing in-season whole foods you can minimize the price. I acquired sufficient apples for an apple puree for $2 at the farmer’s market, as well as my dish yielded 16 ounces, therefore my price is $.50 per 4 ounce offering.

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